Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

DarkBERT AI is developed to identify the potentially high cyber security threats exclusively on the dark web and to monitor the dark web markets.

As technology emerges day by day in the modern era, the advanced AI is shocking. It has been a talk in the town of the technical experts as AI may rule the next gen of technical beginnings and endings.

New AI technology shocks the world, and some newly built AIs are helpful to society. After the boom of ChatGPT AI, AI developers are developing more solutions to modern technology needs.

Now, South Korean researchers developed DarkBERT, an AI to exclusively identify the cyber threats and attacks on the dark web.

This darkbert is made only to identify the threats on the dark web.

How the darkBERT AI works?

The darkBERT AI is trained and built using a specific architecture named roBERTa. With the help of the architecture, the AI learns from the massive set of data from the database, which includes websites on the dark web with the high level of cyber security threats, websites that potentially leak and sell data that including credit card numbers, individual details, etc., websites that are associated with illegal activities.

Every website has been categorized and fed to darkBERT. This AI is at the beginning of a new era on the dark web that will resolve some mysterious cyber threats on the dark web.

The work of DarkBERT includes monitoring dark websites and filtering them accordingly to their category.

It is made to follow up on every website on the dark web that may be a threat. This list may include forums on the dark web and illegal websites selling illicit products. DarkBERT follows up with the keyword entered on the dark web.

The AI helps in identifying the sale of drugs on the dark web. This is by letting the AI know all the keywords related to the drug.


Uses of the darkbert:

By implementing darkBERT AI, it will be easier for law enforcement agents to easily gather and get the website details associated with selling illicit products.

The AI will be used to identify the websites that are demanding ransomware by leaking the details of any individual or institution.

Instead of monitoring every website manually, this AI will make it easier by identifying the most high-threat websites and categorizing them according to the crime.

The AI is currently not made public, but the founders are ready to help any institutions that come forward asking to work together to find cyber threats to them.

All the hacking and cyber threat information are believed to exchange their data on the dark web.

Now it’s easy for the institutions to identify and protect themselves from this threat in the near future.

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