Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Department of the IRS’ Criminal Investigation Unit, federal prosecutors, Homeland Security, and the Drug Enforcement Administration together joined hands to form a new investigation special task force to identify and monitor the dark web crypto crimes and scams.

This special team has been formed because of recent high criminal activity on the dark web. The crimes include selling illicit and banned drugs, guns, firearms, hacking, credit cards, stolen data’s etc. To control and monitor future crimes, the organization will work together and build a strong team against the crimes.

This special task force will help the officials identify and solve the crimes faster with more available resources.

Darknet markets are advancing more with new technology, making them commit crimes easier, and escape from them is much easier.

The evolution of digital currencies like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies makes the transactions more anonymous and more challenging to identify the crypto transactions.

The new task force will monitor and filter the transactions and use them to identify the criminals on the dark web who uses cryptocurrency and commits crimes using the crypto.

dark web crypto crimes

Cryptocurrency-based crimes have been increasing daily and hit a new all-time high of 14 billion USD of total transactions on the dark web alone.

This special task force will try to reduce this crypto crime on the dark web in the future. The main targets will be those who trade drugs for cryptocurrency.

Users of the dark web should be very cautious before entering any of the websites on the dark web. Do not involve yourself or send transactions in cryptocurrency on the dark web.

The main currency used on the dark web is Bitcoin, as Bitcoin transactions are tough to trace. But with the latest technology available, this will be easier to identify.


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