Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

8 years old boy in the Netherlands ordered AK 47 from the dark web, raising questions on how safe the Internet is for future kids and parents.

This 8-year-old boy is interested in computers and started playing video games initially. Later, the boy became interested in hacking and began to learn hacking at this age and became successful on the platform.

This has been proved because the young boy used to order pizza on the Internet, and it was delivered for free by hacking the pizza company websites and marking the payment as paid. This confirms that the boy has learned the hacking tools and started hacking.

Rather than using the computer for educational purposes, he communicated with the other online gamers, and one led to another.

It seems the boy was in contact with international and high-level hackers.

He saved some money by playing games and with the level of hacking he learned. He ordered a gun – AK 47 on the dark web with the money.

It was found when her mother was getting a random delivery to her home at her doorstep. When she opened the package, she was shocked to see a gun.

Later she learned that his son ordered the gun online from the dark web.

The parcel was intentionally moved from Poland to Bulgaria with advice from the dark net forums to avoid customs.

The gun was later handed to the local police department, and she filed a complaint there. But no action was taken because of the age.

Stories and truth :

It remains as a story when something happens in real.

The dark web is a place for criminal activities, and most underground criminals work there.

From hacking to selling cards to buying guns, the dark web is no longer a place for peaceful and safe Internet.

To access the dark web, one needs to install a special browser named TOR.

Hearing stories here and there proves that guns are real and sold on the dark web.

This incident makes us think that if an 8-year-old boy can order a gun, anyone with little knowledge of the Internet can also buy one.

We advise you not to access the dark web and engage in criminal activities.

Future and parental advice :

Parents in this modern age should understand and know the reality of the Internet.

Monitor your children’s Internet and outside-world activities.

With the increased use of computers and mobiles, kids are more prone to danger that they don’t even know.

With the increase in cybercrime and criminal activities, one should always safeguard oneself and your children.

The children will not realize or can differentiate between a crime and an activity on the Internet.

Only provide access to some things to your children and always make limitations.

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