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How to download the TOR browser for iPhone? 

How to download the TOR browser for iPhone? 

TOR browser has its service provided for operating services like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android. 

Even by providing its services to the Mac OS, TOR doesn’t extend its services to the iPhone, i.e., iOS. 

The reason behind this is unknown. But on the official web page of the TOR project, they have recommended a browser for IOS/iPhones. It is the “onion browser”.

Onion Browser for IOS/iPhone :

The Onion browser is the only browser that the TOR project has recommended. So it is safe to download and use the browser. 

The Onion browser is an open-source project that uses TOR routing. It is claimed to be developed by someone who works closely with the TOR project. 

Their identity remains anonymous. It is better for safety. 

How to download the Onion browser for IOS/iPhone?

Users can download The Onion browser from the Apple app store on all IOS/iPhone devices. 

You can download the app by clicking on the link below or go to the app store on your IOS handset, search for the Onion browser, then install it.

TOR browser for iPhone

Features of the Onion browser : 

Anonymous browsing is guaranteed. 

The app runs over TOR.

Protects the device from website trackers and maintains your privacy. 

One can access the clearnet .com/.net etc., domains and the .onion domains. 

It clears cookies on its own and blocks the scripts. 

It will secure your internet traffic over ISPs and unprotected networks. 

Are there any other apps for IOS/iPhone? 

So many applications are available on the Apple app store to download the TOR/onion browser. 

Some of the apps are : 

OrNET Onion + VPN – 4.5-star rating on the app store. 

Private Onion VPN – 4.3-star rating on the app store.

Onion TOR+VPN – 4.3-star ratings 

The Dark Web – 4.3-star ratings

Dark Web Browser – 3.5-star ratings

TOR VPN – 5.0-star ratings

TOR Browser Evil Onion – 3.7-star ratings. 

Out of this, we do not recommend any browsers to access the dark web or TOR network. 

We recommend only the onion browser and the TOR VPN browser to download. 

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