Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Two weeks before, the hacking group CLOP made a massive attack on several big-name companies, and they did not reveal the names of the companies as the negotiation went on.

It is now confirmed that it also made an attack on the US federal government agencies. This is because the hackers found a flaw in the widely used app MOVEit, which agencies and multiple companies have widely used.

BBC claims that more than 26 organizations have been affected by the Clop’s recent attack, and the company’s names are listed on the website of the Clop used. But, it is now confirmed that more than 100 organizations have been affected.

Which companies are affected by the CLOP attack?

This massive hack includes the most important companies named BBC, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Boots, Ofcom, Shell, etc.,

SHELL, the oil and gas company, has also confirmed that they are also the victims of this attack.

The CLOP is believed to have more confidential information about the organizations. It includes every employee’s information, Payroll, etc.,

But still, what data they have acquired has not yet been confirmed.

CLOP demands ransoms in millions from the affected organizations. But still, they have not demanded any ransoms from the federal agencies in the US.

On their website on the dark web, CLOP has listed the company’s names and the ransom they want to delete all the data they have. But they also mentioned on their website, “If you are a government, city or police service do not worry, we erased all your data. You do not need to contact us. We have no interest in exposing such information.”

They are the first to identify the vulnerability in the MOVEit software. But now, the other hacking team might be active as the code is available to make the attack.

It is believed that more companies’ names will be listed in the near future as of the recent breach of the MOVEit software.

What is MOVEit?


MOVEit is a file transfer software created by Ipswitch Inc., It encrypts files and uses FTP(File Transfer Protocol) to transfer the data.

Hundreds of IT, financial organizations, and governments use the software.

This is the first massive attack on the MOVEit platform that affected the companies using this software, and they were asked to pay high ransomware.

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